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Faces of DePauw

Phyllis Ferrell ‘94 Alumni

The beauty of a liberal arts environment is that it teaches you how to think broadly.

Global Strategist

During her 26-year career, Phyllis Ferrell has risen through Eli Lilly and Company’s ranks to lead the pharmaceutical giant’s global Alzheimer’s and neurodegeneration strategy. But Ferrell is neither the first DePauw Tiger at Lilly (that would be founder Colonel Eli Lilly himself, a member of our Class of 1856) nor the only one who thrives there today (more than a dozen fellow alumni have worked on her team alone). She credits the liberal arts environment at DePauw with paving the way for the success she and so many others at the company have enjoyed.

Position: Global Head, Alzheimer’s and Neurodegeneration at Eli Lilly and Company
Major: Economics